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Special FX Wizard Inc.

High-Energy Entertainment


Maybe you are looking to add some sparkle to a engagement party. Or maybe you are looking to add some elegance to your next sales meeting with clients. No location is to small for a display as some of the effects only require a 5' safety area. We can integrate our effects in corporate parties, weddings, birthdays, concerts, grand openings, gender announcements, sports events, holiday events and private parties. Special FX Wizard's high-energy interactive entertainment is sure to bring — not just fun — not just excitement -- but experience and professionalism to your event.


Versatile Entertainment

Versatile Entertainment

We design our displays using multiple special effects to create and produce a successful and safe display. In order to do this we will work with you from conception to execution. Special FX Wizard will obtain all required permits to produce the spectacular display that you envision by working with the venue and authorities.  As well some of the effects are so quiet they won't wake a sleeping baby. Allowing us to provide that extra flair to any event indoors or outside, day or night.

Firework Displays


We offer choreographed displays that integrate music and special effects creating a breathtaking performance for all to enjoy.